Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What kind of data is shown in the OpenVirtuals Dashboard?

    The Dashboard displays four graphs which show the following data in near real time. You can drill down for historical views:

    1. Traffic
    2. CPU Usage
    3. Load Average
    4. Memory Usage
    Why is this data important?
    Your virtual shares the same node with other virtuals. The Dashboard shows data about your node, providing real-time insight into its performance and resource utilization.

    Why do you share this sensitive data with your clients?
    The OpenVirtuals Dashboard gives our clients a measure of assurance that we won't oversubscribe their nodes and a virtual club to hit us over the head with if we do. This will ensure that we keep the nodes performing well which is one of our prime objectives.

    Where do I go to see the Dashboard?
    To view the Dashboard go to the Client area and select Services / Dashboard. You should see something like this:

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