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  • How do you guarantee 100% uptime?
    All providers are subject to natural disasters and other events beyond our control. At OpenVirtuals we simply take full responsibility for 100% uptime, which means we provide SLA credits for any outage whatsoever even if it’s cause is a natural disaster.

    Why do you guarantee 100% uptime rather 99.99%?
    The difference between 100% and 99.99% is about 4 minutes of downtime per month. We’d rather not quibble about those 4 minutes.

    What do you do in case of an outage?
    We resolve the issue as quickly as possible, and we inform customers with regular status updates. Afterwards, we study the event to understand what we can improve.

    What about credits?
    We offer generous service credits even for outages caused by “Force Majeure” or “unavoidable accident.”

    You mean I won’t have to submit a log and proof you were down?
    It may be a novel idea, but we think you probably have better things to do than trying to prove you had an outage to a vendor that already has that information.

    Why would you give downtime credit for a natural disaster?
    We’ve done away with the standard loopholes so that we’re never in a position to blame an event or a vendor. The causes of outages are often ambiguous to customers, and we want you to be confident that we’ll never pass the buck.

    Why is OpenVirtuals so open?
    We’re also a consumer of datacenter services, and we’ve seen for 20 years how providers use loopholes to avoid responsibility. We believe that customers who’ve shown faith in us by choosing us from amongst all the other options out there, are our bedrock. And rather than lean on loopholes at their expense, we prefer to rely on providing good service.

    Do any other providers offer such generous policies?
    We looked around and couldn’t find any, but hopefully this approach will catch on.

    What’s the control VPS?
    Every OpenVirtuals VPS node has a control VPS that we monitor to determine system uptime.

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